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San Antonio Spurs top ten stories of 2015

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Here are the stories that generated the most interest last year.

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It's a brand new year, and with 2016 beginning it's time to take a look back at the last twelve months, and the stories that brought more people to PtR than any others.

10. The Spurs and LaMarcus Aldridge should destroy opposing small ball lineups
After the Spurs signed Aldridge, Jesus Gomez looked at what the Spurs' new acquisition would allow the team to when the opposition goes small.

9. Spurs to sign European Center Boban Marjanovic
Spurs fans love them some Boban, and the news he was coming to San Antonio was met with unrestrained glee.

8. Last year's Spurs championship "changed the NBA forever"
Jackie McMullan of ESPN wrote a terrific piece about what the Spurs' victory in 2014 meant to the league.

7. Tim Duncan shows a different side in an interview at his car shop
Bleacher Report's Jared Zwerling got some time to talk to Timmy about his off-court passion.

6. Incredible Tim Duncan video tribute: Old Man Riverwalk
This video speaks for itself. Just a great melding of music and visuals.

5. A Spurs fan's reaction to the Warriors' championship
Michael Erler's response to Golden State's win over the Cavaliers is worth revisiting.

4. Here's how the Spurs can sign LaMarcus Aldridge while also bringing back the "Big Four"
Erler predicted that in order to get LaMarcus and keep Tim, Manu, Tony, and Kawhi -- the Spurs would have to bid farewell to Tiago Splitter.

3. Celebrating Tim Duncan's birthday with 39 cool things about him
Erler's list is hugely entertaining, and might just reveal something you didn't know about #21.

2. David West doesn't fit with the Spurs' second unit
Gomez's controversial take on how the bench would mesh with West generated more debate than any other topic of the off-season.

1. Would the Spurs have beaten the Warriors?
Erler's thought experiment got more views than any other story we published in 2015. It proves nothing, but was fun to imagine. The way things are going this season, it looks like we'll get to find out -- with this year's squads, at least.