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VIDEO: Impressions of Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili

The NBA offseason is long, so fans have to keep themselves entertained. In pursuit of that venture, this fan has kept all of us entertained in the process.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Brandon Armstrong, NBA impressionist extraordinaire, has brought us some priceless clips this summer. These are the impressions NBA fans deserve, and the ones that they need right now in the dogs days of the offseason.

Russell Westbrook (NSFW language):

Tony Allen, and his First Team All-Defense (Borderline NSFW):

James Harden, and his cooking celebration:

Kobe Bryant, and his shooting:

Our very own Tim Duncan, and his run:

The inimitable Manu Ginobili ... being imitated:

LaMarcus who? Brandon Armstrong is the clear heir to Tim Duncan's Fundamental Throne. With moves like this, Coach Pop should seriously consider giving this man a 10-day contract at the very least.

If that doesn't pan out for whatever unforeseen reason, he should keep making these hilarious, pin-point accurate videos. Perhaps a Popovich TNT interview could be his next impression. It would certainly be his shortest. Give it some thought at least, Brandon.

(Twitter: @BdotAdot5)