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VIDEO: Jimmer Fredette shoots 84/100 on Spurs 100 drill

Watch as Jimmer Fredette takes on one of the Spurs' infamous shooting drills.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

After signing on with the Spurs, Jimmer Fredette was given some specific instructions on what to work on, and here's a video of him doing that work. He shoots 100 shots per instructions in this video, and his best was 89% while his worst was 82%. In this video, he makes 84 and gets seriously hot at the very end.

As Jesus Gomez said in his post yesterday, you can see that Fredette loves to have the ball in his hands and pick up the dribble while going into his shot. He showed how comfortable he was in that part of the drill and hit for a very high percentage. Of course, it's all relative when a guy is hitting 84%, but still...

(h/t: YouTube)