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Come to the Spurs home opener on Pounding the Rock night

Here's your chance to welcome LaMarcus Aldridge to town and sit with your fellow £ers while watching the Spurs take on the Nets.

Harry How/Getty Images

If you want be at the renovated AT&T Center to witness LaMarcus Aldridge's first game in San Antonio, while hanging out with other members of this very website, then we have just the offer for you. The Spurs have set aside tickets for us in two different sections.

We've had a number of Pounding the Rock nights before, but we've always been scattered throughout the building. But when the Brooklyn Nets come to town on October 30th, we'll have a chance to sit together and cheer on the Spurs. Not only is this a great deal on the price of the ticket, but it also comes with a pass that allows you early access to the arena to watch pre-game warmups -- one of my favorite things about coming to the game.

After warmups, we'll get to our sections and enjoy the game.

2015 opening night

So make plans as soon as you can, because the seats in these sections are limited. Hope to see you for the first Pounding the Rock night of the 2015-2016 NBA season.