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DeShaun Thomas, Spurs agree on training camp contract, per report

The 2013 second round pick is already in San Antonio working on the Spurs' facilities.

Harry How/Getty Images

It looks like DeSahun Thomas is the 19th player under contract for training camp. The Spurs filed the required tender for Thomas, according to David Pick. Thomas has agreed to that non-guaranteed contract, ending a contentious negotiation with Barcelona, reports Spanish site Mundo Deportivo.

As we previously discussed, Thomas had expressed his intention to accept the minimum offer the Spurs would be forced to extend to retain exclusive rights to him. It is a win-win move for him. It will allow him to either try to earn a spot in the final roster in training camp or, if he's waived, be free to negotiate with any NBA team and not just the Spurs.

The front office surely would have preferred for him to go back to Europe like he did for two years after being drafted, but Thomas took that option off the table. He's working out in the team's facilities, going by his Instagram account.

This is more then just a dreams this is my passion... Character and work speaks for itself #leaveyoulegacy #godisgood

Una foto publicada por Deshaun Thomas (@dt1upncomin) el

He's also posted other photos in Spurs' gear. Even though there's been no official confirmation, it's seems pretty clear Thomas signed the required tender.

Thomas decision, while not what the Spurs wanted, doesn't really affect them significantly. They can have up to 20 players under contract during the offseason and they are still under that limit, so they won't have to release anyone. Thomas has in all likelihood signed an Exhibit 9 contract, which means that even if he gets injured, the Spurs can release him. The former Buckeye is certainly good enough to be on a training camp roster, so it's not a wasted spot.

Unless something changes, however, it's very unlikely he makes the team. The Spurs have 13 players under guaranteed contract and Jimmer Fredette and Matt Bonner with significant partial guarantees. It would cost the Spurs nothing to waive Thomas but it would cost at least half a million to create room for him by waiving Jimmer. With Kyle Anderson and Bonner on the roster, Thomas' skill set is somewhat redundant.

When/if he's waived, the Spurs will lose rights to one of their stashed players. That's why from an assets standpoint, Thomas' decision has a negative result. As far as trade chips go, however, Thomas doesn't have much value and it really didn't look like the Spurs were going to sign him anytime soon unless he forced their hand. If they like him and want to bring him aboard in the future, he will probably still be available. There really are no serious, immediate repercussions to adding Thomas.

It does have the potential to affect the behavior of future second round picks or current stashed players, as we covered before. The budding trend of second rounders signing the required tender takes the power away from teams. In the off chance Thomas does get a spot on the final roster, other stashed players could decide to follow the same path.

Thomas spent last season with Barcelona. In 74 games expanding three competitions (Euroleague, ACB league and Copa del Rey), he averaged eight points and two rebounds on 20 minutes per game while shooting 52 percent from the field and 37 percent on three-pointers.

The full training camp roster as of now is comprised by the following players:


Tim Duncan

LaMarcus Aldridge

David West

Boris Diaw

Boban Marjanovic

Matt Bonner*

Youssou Ndoye*


Kawhi Leonard

Danny Green

Manu Ginobili

Kyle Anderson

Jonathon Simmons

Reggie Williams*

DeShaun Thomas*

Point guards

Tony Parker

Patty Mills

Ray McCallum

Jimmer Fredette*

Keifer Sykes*

*Partially guaranteed or non-guaranteed contracts