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Tim Duncan shows a different side in an interview at his car shop

Learn something new about #21.

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Tim Duncan's reputation as a boring human precedes itself. The Onion features stories about Duncan doing taxes seemingly every other day. But fans who pay attention have a different view of Big Fun in all his wry glory.  Earlier this week, the sports world got a glimpse of that view after Bleacher Report's Jared Zwerling sat down with Duncan at his car shop, BlackJack Speed Shop. And there were a few things revealed that might be new for even the most dedicated Spurs fans:

For instance, though he's not that interested in being flashy on the court, his cars are a very different thing:

I'm not really a flashy guy anywhere else—I don't dress flashy or anything else—but I like to keep my cars nice and I like to customize them. I can do things a little flashier and a little faster, and with a little bit more thought. This is kind of the release part of basketball.

He's got the need for speed (and curses) which might surprise some.

That was a fast f--kin' car for the first car to really drive, and it was stick ... It was fun for me, and I've always enjoyed that part of it. Nowadays everything is going away from stick, and I hate that part of it. I enjoy learning driving on manual, and that was a hell of a first car just to be able to fool around in. I didn't have my first car until after the end of my senior year. I got a Yukon Sport.

But that doesn't mean he's always about the speed.

If I have my kids, I drive something with four doors. If I don't have my kids, I can drive whatever I want.

He didn't have a license until his sophomore year -- in college.

I just never had anywhere to go or anywhere to be, and I had friends that drove. It wasn't a stress for me.

While a number of Spurs have come to his shop to get their cars customized, when it comes to the coach:

"We've done tires for Pop. That's about all we're allowed to do," [said] Duncan, laughing.

And the shop even figures in his retirement plans:

I plan on keeping busy [at BlackJack] once I'm done playing... I hope once I have more time, I'll invest more time in here and be around more...

As for basketball, Duncan looks to pass the torch like David Robinson did.

I'm not worried about him benefiting my game; I'm going to worry about me benefiting his. I'm going to let him do his thing and just see where I can fit in and help. I'm going to ride his coattails and I'm going to push him.

Spurs fans know the former Wake Forest standout has personality, but it's a fun treat to watch everyone else find out about it out too.