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San Antonio Spurs top five stories of the week: 8/21-8/27

Here are the Spurs stories that generated the most interest this past week.

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

1. Lineup flexibility should be a strength for the Spurs
Michael Erler looked at some of the potential lineups that we might see next season

2. The Spurs' defense can still be elite with LaMarcus Aldridge
Jesus Gomez examines how the Spurs can defend at a high level after their big free agent signing

3. Will the Spurs suffer from "too many chiefs" this year?
Erler wonders about the less-positive outcomes with all the talent the Spurs have collected

4. Talking with a Thunder expert about OKC's chances against the Spurs
A still developing conversation I'm having with J.A. Sherman, editor of OKC Thunder blog, Welcome to Loud City

5. The Spurs' unsung hero in landing LaMarcus Aldridge was ... Ime Udoka?
Aldridge gave an interview to USA Today, the upshot of which sent tremors through Spurs Nation