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VIDEO: The Evolution of the Spurs Offense (1999-2014)

How one of the most consistent teams in the history of sports underwent a dramatic change.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

"Here's my innovation - I drafted Tim Duncan. Ok? End of story." - Gregg Popovich

Oh Coach Pop, never change. Or do! After all, change is what has kept the San Antonio Spurs dynasty afloat amidst the NBA's evolution from a big-man dominant to a guard-oriented game. Three-point attempts have reached all-time high levels the last 5 seasons which has caused snipers like Danny Green to receive contracts of $45 million and still be dubbed a "bargain" deal. Increased emphasis on the long ball has not only made the Association's premiere shooters more valuable, but it has also necessitated all NBA coaches, even those like Pop who hate it, to devise an offensive system that utilizes it effectively.

And thus, the San Antonio Spurs have gone from a boring, defense-first, low-post dumping, 80 points a game team to the architects of the "beautiful game." They have done it with D-League cast offs, past-their-prime vets, and out of shape foreigners. This was Gregg Popovich's innovation. The Twin Towers became the Big 3. The Big 3 gave way to the beautiful game. And it's been a privilege to witness.