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Poor showing for Summer Spurs in final game in Utah

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Marcus Smart and Co. defeat the wicked stupid Spurs who turn the ball over a billion times. Not an exaggeration.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Spurs finished the Utah Summer League with an 85-71 blowout loss to Boston.

Tonight gave us another great opportunity to check out some of the Spurs' more intriguing prospects in Livio Jean-Charles, Cady Lalanne, Kyle Anderson, and Dairis Bertans. Again, since it's the Summer League, where it's like everything's made up and the points don't matter, I'll just go through how each of the notable Spurs played.

Livio Jean-Charles

There's a lot of good and bad when it comes to Livio. Jean-Charles does a great job of pushing in transition and getting back on the other end. His jumper needs a date with Chip Engelland. His isolation and help defense are pretty stellar. DeAndre Jordan has broken fewer Dallas hearts than Livio has fouled over the past day. He is great at kicking the ball out to open shooters, especially Dairis Bertans. There are plenty of question marks surrounding Jean-Charles, but he's an intriguing prospect and it will be interesting to see how the coaching staff deals with him in the Las Vegas Summer League.

Cady Lalanne

When Cady's jumper is falling, he can be a great offensive contributor - stretching the floor and opening the paint up for the guards. In the Summer League, he has taken his jumper early and often. There isn't much else particularly noteworthy about his offensive game, which can be killer when his shot is off. He needs some seasoning, especially defensively where he is a hacking machine. Some Pounders have clamored for him as the backup center, but it's much more likely and better for his development to stay in Austin for this year barring a major injury.

Kyle Anderson

After a nightmarishly bad debut to the Summer League, Anderson dramatically improved his play in the second game against the Jazz. When his shot isn't falling, he's showcased a Wade-esque pump-fake that is hyper-effective at drawing fouls. Aside from his speed (or lack thereof), another area of concern is turnovers. The Spurs can hide his weak handle because he won't be the primary ballhandler, but his passing is concerning. While scouts raved of his court vision coming out of UCLA, he has not showcased this ability well so far in the Summer League. He's tossed some soft passes and handed the ball to teammates being doubled. Some of this may be due to playing with new teammates, but some of these passes have been genuinely concerning. It was a poor night for KA (2-12 from the field, 6 TO), and he didn't do much to help his case for the open backup spot behind Kawhi.

Dairis Bertans

Late in the second half of Tuesday's game against Utah, Bertans had a scary fall in transition. Who knows how much this fall actually affected him, but after his tumble, Dairis looked much more passive off of the dribble, and much less confident with his jumper -- much like Curry after his fall in the Houston series. He finished with a mediocre 7 point, 2 assist night with a mere 1-6 from deep. Bertans did have a pair of nice drives to the paint and he'll have some monster Summer League games if he knocks down some more open threes.

The Spurs head off to Nevada for the Las Vegas Summer League, where they face off against the Knicks Saturday at 3:30 CST.