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What Gregg Popovich did this summer

It wasn't just Pop -- it was a team effort. That said, the effort was made, and it was certainly effective.

One week ago today, the NBA's free agency period began with the Spurs uncertain about a number of things. Was LaMarcus Aldridge's courtship serious? Were Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili coming back? What was Danny Green going to do? Was Kawhi Leonard fully bought in and patient enough to be the last signing San Antonio made in order to maximize their salary cap?

Seven short days later, and most of the work has been done. Tiago Splitter was traded to make room, then Duncan, Ginobili, Leonard, Green and Aldridge were secured. Plus David West showed that he's more interested in playing for a contender than he is in cashing a $12 million check from the Indiana Pacers. The speed with which everything has been done has been unsettling, and the efficiency is almost unbelievable given how complicated the situation was and how everything had to happen in a very specific order.

I can imagine Pop, after Game 7 of the first round, making out the following to do list for the Spurs' front office.

1. Take early vacation
2. Get some sleep
3. Dominate free agency

And dominate they have. They're generally accepted as having already "won" free agency, and incomplete though the Spurs roster is, it's already being referred to as a SuperTeam. Not bad for a franchise that hasn't been much of a player in free agency for the past 15 years or so.

To commemorate the excellent work that PATFO has done (and there's no doubt it took a ton of work behind the scenes to get everything accomplished in such a short period of time) I turned to our friends at BreakingT to put out another super-soft, long-lasting, awesome looking T-shirt.


Free agency domination indeed

Of course they haven't played a game together yet. Of course there are still more players to sign. Of course there's still work to do. But, man -- it sure feels good to be a Spurs fan right now. Finishing the season with a loss was tough, and staring into the abyss of a future without Tim and Manu was the stuff of nightmares. But now the sun is shining, the Big Three are still together, and the team has reloaded in a way that seemed unthinkable just a few short weeks ago.

So feel free to get happy, Spurs fans. The 2015-16 season hasn't even started yet, and your Spurs are already dominating. By the end of the summer, there's no telling who will have joined the crew in the Alamo City.

If you're interested in getting one of these shirts, head over here -- and if you're trying to decide between two sizes, go with the larger one.