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Summer League GameThread: Spurs vs. 76ers

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Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

The start of the offseason has been great for the Spurs and I'm sure you guys are as excited about the upcoming season as I am. Now the fun continues as we get to check out some of the guys who could be on the roster next season. Free agency is the best!

Be sure to check out Jesus Gomez' preview of the game, it's full of good stuff like this:

Under contract

Kyle Anderson | 21 years old | Combo forward | 6'9"

We are all familiar with Anderson by now. The 30th pick of the 2014 draft didn't make much of an impression on the big team last season but showed promise as an offensive player in Austin. It's rare to see such a tall, long player with guard skills, so Anderson could still become a good rotation piece. The Spurs will need everyone under contract to contribute next season so if Anderson shows improvement on the defensive end, he could get minutes.

Rights held by the Spurs

28 Livio Jean-Charles | 21 years old | Combo forward | 6'9"

Jean-Charles played his first full season as a rotation player in France after a knee injury forced him to miss most of the 2013/14 year. While he didn't wow anyone, he proved he belonged. He averaged just four points and three rebounds per game but saw his role increase as the year went on for ASVEL. Jean-Charles has the tools to be a very good defender but his lack of a three-point shot could limit his upside.

26 Cady Lalanne | 23 years old | Power forward/Center | 6'10

Lalanne was this year's second round pick for the Spurs. He has good size and a 7'5" wingspan which will make him a shot-blocking threat at the next level, whether it's the NBA or another league. He showed an improved shooting stroke at the P.I.T. The Spurs will get a shot at seeing how far along he is in his development and how viable he is as an NBA big man before deciding whether to stash him or sign him.

Check it out, get familiar with the guys who are going to be on the court this week.