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Manu Ginobili likely to return for one more season, per report

Manu hasn't made up his mind yet but reports indicate he will return for the 2015/16 season.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

With the signing of LaMarcus Aldridge the Spurs will try to convince Manu Ginobili to return for one more season and "it's a safe bet" he will, reports ESPN's Marc Stein.

The Spurs surrendered most of their bench in their attempt to land Aldridge and don't have a lot of tools at their disposal to add quality players. Two of their own free agents have left and Cory Joseph could be on his way out to make room for the addition of Aldridge and the return of Tim Duncan. In all likelihood, the Spurs will only have the room exception worth $2.8 million and minimum contracts to fill out the roster. Getting Ginobili back using one of those two resources would go a long way into getting some of their depth back.

Ginobili has been declining for the past three years but he was still one of the most prolific playmakers among wing players last season and the Spurs were almost five points better with him on the court than off. His shot is not reliable anymore and he's not the scorer he once was but his ability to set up others on offense and make plays on defense make Ginobili an above-average player on the aggregate even at age 37.

With Aldridge in tow and Danny Green returning, Ginobili will likely be able to play a small role in which he could thrive. Sentimental reasons alone would be enough to want him back but he still has value on the court, which is what the Spurs need off their bench now that they have solidified their starting five.

Manu's brother Leandro has also hinted at a possible return on Twitter.

Translation, courtesy of user Suave Groove: "LaMarcus is moving to San Antonio. TP-DG-KL-LA-TD. Just missing a sixth man, a Latino to go with the city's profile would be ideal"