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Imagine the most Spurs-y free agent move ever

While the eyes of the NBA world are on Los Angeles, monitoring the courtship of LaMarcus Aldridge, what if the real deal was going on halfway across the planet?

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

So, an odd thought occurred to me a couple of hours ago.

You know what would be the Spurs-iest thing ever?

If they just went out and signed Marc Gasol on the Fourth of July while the entire basketball media is taking the day off. How perfect would that be? All these public meetings with Lamarcus Aldridge in Los Angeles (including a second one on Friday) and all the while maybe they're using burn phones for long distance calls to Spain, with absolutely no one on their trail.

Maybe the reason Aldridge hasn't really made up his mind yet is because PATFO told him to take meetings with other folks and keep his options open while the team dots some i's and crosses some t's to open up cap room for him, while actually he's their "Plan B" all along.

Or maybe Gasol is "Plan B."

Regardless, there's something fishy about Gasol's camp not announcing that they've re-upped with the Grizzles by now. I was listening to The Lowe Post, the can't-miss podcast from's Zach Lowe, and Lowe's colleague Marc Stein explained that Gasol wouldn't be listening to pitches from teams, the Spurs were the only other team that remotely interested him. Stein said that Gasol gushed about how much he respected the Spurs whenever they spoke.

You have to think the Spurs have feelers out there for "Big Spain," and I just cannot accept that they traded away Tiago Splitter without either having firm assurances from Aldridge --despite his song and dance with all these other suitors-- or a solid alternative in Gasol. Otherwise, they've lost their Brazilian giant for the proverbial bag of beans.

Anyway, it's just a wild conspiracy theory and I'm probably way off, and the Grizzlies will announce they've re-signed Gasol within a minute of this being published. All I know is there's got to be some reason neither side has announced anything.

Apparently, I'm not the only one who's noticed.