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Free Agency: Day 3 Open Thread

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

As of 3 a.m.STTOTTM, LaMarcus Aldridge does NOT have any meetings scheduled for Friday. It's been a whirlwind of a free-agency over the first two days and Spurs fans aren't exactly hardened to the process the way that most other fanbases are. It has been frustrating for Spurs fans to not have a decision from LMA yet, but it's a process and it's only been TWO days. Let's all take a deep breath, understand that this is the only time in Aldridge's career that he will be the center of attention with the power to sign where he wants.

Also understand that LaMarcus is a private person and is also an intelligent, thoughtful individual. Being diligent about a career-defining decision isn't something that an intelligent person would eschew just because he was impressed by a meeting. Give him a little time, I know this looks like it's turning into a circus, but just remember that in immediate terms, there is no other team that can offer automatic contention the way that the Spurs can.

Don't fault the guy for wanting to hear his options.

With that said, let's chat about what is happening.