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Gregg Popovich talks about Becky Hammon, Steve Kerr in radio interview

We're probably not going to get anything this good from Pop the rest of the year

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Gregg Popovich did something he rarely does. He consented to a long one-on-one interview (27 minutes worth) on sports-talk radio no less, with former NBA'er Tom Tolbert on Bay Area station KNBR 680. Popovich may have a personal relationship with Tolbert, he did coach him for one season as an assistant to Don Nelson in 1991-92, and there's also the fact that two of Tolbert's closest friends are his former Arizona Wildcat teammates Steve Kerr and Sean Elliott.

Pop was thoughtful and engaging as you might suspect and didn't engage in too many cliches or coach-speak with Tolbert. They covered a wide range of topics, from Pop's thoughts on Kerr's first season coaching the Warriors to Becky Hammon to how players and coaches alike are evolving and progressing on social issues to the coddling "everyone gets a trophy" culture of youth sports. It's a fascinating interview and I strongly encourage all of you to make time for it.

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