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Simmons comes through in the clutch, Spurs win 79-75

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Kyle Anderson, Jarell Eddie, and Jonathan Simmons are the Summer Spurs version of the Big Three.

Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

The Spurs eked out a 79-75 victory over the Trail Blazers in their Las Vegas Summer League regular season finale.

It's been six games for the Summer Spurs now, and we're starting to get a good sense of where all of the players are in terms of their development. As I've done before, let's go through how the Spurs' intriguing prospects performed.

Livio Jean-Charles

LJC wasn't in uniform tonight, without an injury as far as I'm aware. Make of that what you will.

Cady Lalanne

Lalanne wasn't much of a factor on either end of the floor tonight. He didn't play much tonight, and I bet it's so Coach Hammon can check out the other big men. Cady's likely already earned a training camp invite, and we basically know what he can/can't do. Hyper-aggression is Lalanne's calling card on defense and long jumpers on the other. The Spurs don't take those shots unless they can be made efficiently, and Cady has been, well... let's just say far from not very efficient (16-47 overall from the field). In these final few Summer League games, I'd love to see more of what Lalanne can do in the paint with his bulky frame.

Kyle Anderson

An underrated component of KA's game - at least against Summer League competition - has been his on-ball defense. It's by no means great, but he has used his long wingspan to block shots and minimize passing lanes. His off-ball defense is the key issue that could potentially kick him out of the open back-up spot behind Kawhi. He has a tough time maneuvering around off-ball screens, which is the type of issue that isn't attacked in the Summer League, but is abused in NBA games.

I'm by no means on the Kyle Anderson bandwagon, but some of these performances in the Summer League have been impressive. My main concern: how sustainable are these performances? Most of his offense has come from free throws and mid-ranged jumpers. Kyle's made a concerted effort to draw fouls, and he has the results to show it, averaging 8.5 free throw attempts per game so far. Unfortunately, NBA officials aren't particularly generous with young guys (just ask Damian Lillard last year), and Anderson shouldn't expect these calls in real games.

Jonathan Simmons

He dribbles out of bounds, then immediately draws an offensive foul. Turns the ball over and draws (what should have been) another offensive foul. Erler recently compared Simmons' game to Ginobili's, but I see it as more of 2013-14 Lance Stephenson. Either way, the point still stands that Simmons is a mix of flashes of brilliance and infuriating decisions.

Simmons has already shown us some jaw-dropping highlights on both ends, but I think the best part of his game is his passing when he plays within himself. He sees the floor so well from the top of the key and consistently makes the right passes. However, he gets complete tunnel vision once he pushes into the restricted area, and will put up a shot no matter how many guys are around him. Despite some occasional boneheaded-ness, Simmons contributes positively in so many areas that you have to think that PATFO will consider him an option for a minor backup role.

Jarell Eddie

Eddie is an interesting development that has come out of Jean-Charles' minutes. He's a 23 year-old in his second year in the league after coming out of Virginia Tech. This has been back-to-back solid performances for Jarell. He can't do much else besides shoot, but that hasn't stopped the Spurs from bringing in a guy like that before *cough* Gary Neal *cough*.

Dairis Bertans

So there's this:

I'm happy for Dairis, but this is a pretty disappointing ending to his Summer League. After a scorching game against the Sixers, Bertans was ice cold, putting up 18 points on 7-29 from the field over his final four games. We saw a steady decline in his minutes, and he simply couldn't contribute much when his shot wasn't falling. After four subpar games in a row, I'd be surprised to see him offered anything beyond a training camp invite - a serious letdown after such a promising start.

That concludes the "regular season" of the Las Vegas Summer League. The Spurs will play tomorrow, but the seeding isn't set yet. Once all of today's games are done, the starting time for tomorrow's time should show up here.