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Danny Green really IS a Spur4Life

Hours after the Spurs were eliminated from the playoffs, Danny Green ended a tweet appreciating his team with #spurforlife. Two months later, he backs it up by agreeing to stay in San Antonio.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Multiple reports state that Danny Green and the Spurs have agreed to a 4-year, $45M deal. The Spurs have wasted no time moving at the beginning of free-agency, getting Kawhi Leonard to agree to a 5-year max deal shortly after free-agency started. Now they've secured the other half of their outstanding pair of starting wings.

Not only did they bring Green back before he even had a chance to take meetings with other teams, they got him to come back on a long-term deal that appears to have a discount in it. The thought was that Green, as one of the best free agent wings, would command a salary in Chandler Parsons' range of $15M a season. It looks like he's following in the tradition of Spurs players taking less in order to keep the team in position to remain competitive.

Do not panic - this does not mean that the Spurs will not be getting LaMarcus Aldridge. In fact, it's a good sign. Stay tuned.

Yes you are, Danny. Yes you are.

Update: Danny thinks the Spurs need one more piece.

Danny then posted this on instagram.

Who would've thought this guy would ever make it? Not only do I get my old job back, but they gave me a raise! to play for/with the greatest teammates and coaches, you'll ever see around the game, in the greatest organization in the world! Thank you for this great opportunity and thanks to the fans for always supporting #Spurs

Wow! He left money on the table and is excited about his raise. It looks like the decision was easy for him since the didn't want to leave. Asked why he was staying in San Antonio, he replied, "the family."

I'm definitely glad he stayed.