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Boris Diaw stars in the least explicable commercial ever

San Antonio's resident bon vivant has a great time in his newest television ad.

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For the first time in a while, Spurs players have been able to benefit from having an actual summer off. Some are still spending time together, while others are enjoying being back in their home countries. Boris Diaw? He's hawking some cool merch and showing off the many facets to his personality.

A few weeks ago, Diaw tweeted out this commercial for French company Withings. The tech brand's image suits the power forward well, championing style and performance while pretty much blatantly saying that there is more to the guy than just basketball. It's also a million times more normal than Tony Parker's Jungletown commercial.

You can watch the whole clip at the bottom of this article.


We meet our 'Man on the Move' as he awakens in a hotel room. The jersey hanging on a chair and the play-by-play commentary suggest to me that we're on the road mid-season.


It's 7:07 am. Boris is like me and sets his alarm at unconventional times, although his choice in tone is better.


A lively neck stretch and Boris is up and out of bed. Clearly a morning person.


Definitely a morning person.


Boris spins right into a Carlton without breaking stride -- but why keep all these good vibes confined to the lavish confines of the hotel room?


I'm pretty sure I saw this move in the opening credits of Superbad. Or on Seinfeld.


Finishing with feeling until---


::record scratch::


That feeling when all you want to do is iron some towels and there's a scantily clothed Frenchman in the room. Nevermind that 7am seems a tad early for room service.


Bobo, not irked by the intrusion, poses flirtatiously behind a translucent curtain. We don't know how this scene plays out, but either way it's time to get the day started.


We next find Boris on the road, plane spotting. Ever the avid photographer, this might have just been taken in between shoots.


One way to feel lighter: have your scales read you your heart rate and not your weight. I'm not sure if this reading would pass to get Boris his $500,000 bonus.


After a closeup of Boris' well-pedicured feet, we see his hands, too, are immaculate. This should come as no surprise.


Whilst on a casual, cardigan-and-khaki stroll in what I believe is Austin, Boris gets called over by some dudes in need of a sixth.


Although they only seem to play two-on-two after.


From a bit of Googling, it appears this may be his actual dog, and of course Boris is handling the grilling duties.


In the end, Diaw pulls up next to a mysterious woman at a dimly lit park, an encounter made a lot more wholesome by the fact that she has his dog with her. After all, you don't just trust anyone with your dog. His parking job here remains questionable.


Then Boris smiles affably as he stares directly into the camera and delivers the money line, "Performance is my job, but health is my way of life."

With an affinity for the finer things in life, Boris Diaw is pretty much the real-life Most Interesting Man in the World. Whenever Dos Equis wants to move on from their current spokesperson, I honestly can't think of a better replacement. This ad might serve as his demo reel.