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The best case for the Spurs signing LaMarcus Aldridge

Just when you thought all optimism about signing the Trail Blazers' big man had been exhausted, more comes in from a most unexpected source.

Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Since the Spurs first round loss, there has been a lot of discussion around these parts about LaMarcus Aldridgehis supposed interest in coming to San Antonio, and how unlikely it would be for the Spurs to sign him. So I thought I had heard everything there was to say on the subject -- or at least everything that Spurs' fans could be encouraged by.

So imagine my surprise when the best case for Aldridge coming to the Spurs was proposed, not by anyone on the PtR staff, but by Dave Deckard, editor of Blazers Edge. I was asked to join his weekly podcast, and he asked me as question about ten minutes in that I don't think I was ready for, and the possibility has been on my mind ever since.

So listen for yourselves and tell me what you think. The entire podcast was a blast to do, and I think you'll find it very entertaining. You can download the entire MP3 here, or listen to it in the player below.