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The curious case of Tim Duncan

A claymation tribute is made to the age-defying power of San Antonio's Hall of Fame power forward.

How does a professional athlete, a seven-footer no less, stay at the top of his game for nearly two decades? Does the secret to staying spry lie in showing no emotion through most of your early adulthood? Is the Fountain of Youth at the bottom of a bottle of bad Gatorade?

The play of the 39-year-old Tim Duncan has inspired much curiosity. In his 18th NBA season, Timmy was still one of the league's best big men, appearing in the most games since his 2009-10 season and making his 15th All-Star Game. All in all, the GOATPUFF's incredible career has comprised five presidential terms. He's seen the Grizzlies leave Vancouver, and the Sonics of Seattle become the Thunder of Oklahoma City. He's seen Gregg Popovich smile at least twice and, somewhere along the way, put together one of the finest careers of any NBAer.

2008's Benjamin Button was one of David Fincher's more forgettable films, a somber, long-winded adaptation of an F. Scott Fitzgerald short story. But here it lends its sounds and concept to some sweet stop-action animation that would make Tim Burton proud. The name of the video's creator is Azod Abedikichi (Instagram: @azxd), and the image of Pop cradling old baby Tim is creepier than anything I've seen since The Adventures of Mark Twain. Still, it's worth a look if only to imagine Duncan aging backwards through the years to enjoy another 18 years at the top of the NBA. Enjoy.

THE CURIOUS CASE OF TIM DUNCAN Drawings by @joyabedi

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