One More Word about the Clippers

Seeing the LA Clippers choke away a second round playoff series victory in historical proportions opens up the wound from the Spurs loss. Having watched the Clippers in recent years, they were a squad where you always questioned their hearts in the clutch. They NEVER finished job. I was shocked when the Spurs didn't close up the Clippers in 6 games, but even in the game 7 loss, they benefited from extraordinary shot-making from Chris Paul and some questionable 50/50 calls that helped them eek a win. Secretly, I kept waiting for the Clippers to quit, to give up in Spurs series, but I didn't happen.

Enter the 2nd round. Sports is so ironic. The Rockets were absolutely done! And guess what? The old Clippers emerged. (I guess Magic Johnson was right.) I didn't think it was possible for a team with that much talent, with so much on the line to collapse in the 4th quarter, on their home court like a JV squad playing varsity. It's one thing to come out flat and not play your best (e.g. Spurs), but to just shrink in the moment like they did was unpardonable. Then, I ask myself? "THIS team beat the Spurs?"

Going forward, the playoffs set up nicely for a Golden State Warriors NBA title. The Rockets are tailor-made to lose. You can't have a mentality that you are going to outgun the Warriors; they have too many guns, but that's what the Rockets live on. The Cavs are beat up. I don't think the Hawks can score enough points to keep up with the Warriors. Too bad the only team capable of beating the Warriors is already on vacation.

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