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The best plays from the Spurs' blowout of the Warriors

If you're a fan of the Spurs, that was a lot of fun. If you're a fan of the Dubs, well...not so much.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

A sweet swat of Steph's layup by Danny Green led to a LEFT HANDED, and-one banker from Kawhi.

You know how the floater has become a shot that the Spurs as a whole have adopted over the years? It used to be Manu Ginobili and occasionally Tony Parker that made the wraparound pass in the lane, but Kawhi did it recently and now Danny Green has joined the fun. That steal of Curry is awesome, and the resulting break is such a pretty display of smart basketball.

Tim Duncan quietly finished 6-of-7 from the field and 7-of-8 from the free throw line. Duncan uses his guile to earn two of his freebies very late in the shot clock.

The bouncer-to-the-open-big-while-driving-into-the-lane-and-drawing-in-the-defense has become a common play from Kawhi Leonard. This one led to a Big Fun dunk and I'm for that.

Danny Green is going to get paid, the dude's deadly in transition.

One of my favorite parts of watching any Spurs game is that you're almost assured to see at least one GREAT pass from Manu Ginobili. One could even take a small handful of consecutive games and turn his common assists into a highlight film that for most players would be a nice career-long retrospective. Nice cut from the nothing-but-pure-hustle Cory Joseph - no player had a higher average speed than CoJo's 4.88 mph on Sunday night. Of course, that's not out of the ordinary, only Patty Mills has a higher average speed on the season among players that play at least 10 minutes a game.

The Argentine isn't just a great passer, he's so much fun to watch drive and Euro-step his way to a layup.

Danny Green with the surprising handle to lose the gambling Curry was one of my favorite parts of the game. The oop to Whi was just bonus.

I love it when Tim hits a cutter from the high post, and this backdoor cut from Danny that beats Curry is fun. Check out how V3RD3 is resting his hands on his knees, lulling Curry into a relaxed state, then it's over.

Kawhi Leonard: the future, superhero, defensive superstar and shortstop.

Whi did this to LeBron James a few weeks ago. Un-guardable.

That's Andre Iguadala, who beat out Kawhi Leonard for 1st-team all-defensive honors last season, getting completely abused like he's just another victim of a Whi in the post. He didn't even get the opportunity to contest the jumper. Just sayin'.

Kawhi strong like bull. Again, Iggy.

Look at all of those blue jerseys back and yet, thanks to a beautiful 25-foot, cross-court bounce-pass from Manu Ginobili, CoJo gets a wide open layup.

This team is so easy to root for.