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The best plays from Spurs' win over the Clippers in Game Five

The Spurs and Clippers put on quite the show for fans on Tuesday night. Let's take a look at some of the plays that helped the Spurs get a good road win.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

While you're waiting for the tip-off to Game Six, why not check out some nice plays from the Spurs.

This elevator doors play worked perfectly for the Silver and Black.

Glen Davis is quick for a guy his size, but Manu goes left and scores because Manu.

This is such a great block and save from Ginobili. And if you a regular, you know that watching Boris drive is one of my favorite things and his fake pass to Baynes here is great.

People call this a lucky shot. It's a tough shot, but Boris Diaw is a very talented basketball player. If it banked in, fine, those are lucky shots, but look how pure the shot is. That's what playing basketball for 25 years gets you. Boris can shoot the basketball, now we just need him to not think about it and let it fly.

Bobo with a great reaction to sinking the shot.

One more from Boris. He's had quite a bit of success in the series working against Blake Griffin. Notice the shot clock.

Another one of my favorite things is watching Tim beat people down the floor. Nice fastbreak for the good guys.

Bonus GIF:

For the smiles.