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Final Score: Spurs outlast Clippers 111-107, take 3-2 series lead

The fifth game of the San Antonio vs Los Angeles series was almost beyond description. Spurs savvy their way to another road win.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

For the second time in as many games in L.A. the Spurs win a tough game against the Clippers by the score of 111-107. Here's the down-and-dirty details on San Antonio's third win of the series. Just so you know, it didn't start well, but the ending was sweet as candy.

First half

Danny cold. Tony cold. Even Duncan cold before a layup. Clips fast break unstoppable. LA's defense is swarming and the starters can't score. 14-0 run. This could be a blowout. Went to a zone. The bench is rolling. Playoff Patty Mills with a four point play. 22-3 run. Threes keeping them in it. Bonner fouling and shooting. SA has no business being in the game, but only down one at halftime.

Third quarter

So many rim outs. Quarter extended by Hack a Jordan and the Spurs being in the bonus halfway through the quarter. Tied game.

Fourth quarter

Kawhi tip in after a couple of O Rebs. Chris Paul tech. PIVOTAL stretch from 448 to 335.

Spurs bailed out by Boris at the end of the 24 second clock, not once but twice.

Crazy calls both ways. Spurs can't make that one more play to put the game away.

And then that crazy ending. With 1:01 to go, Duncan had a clean-as-the-driven-snow block of Griffin and as Blake recovered himself, Boris stole the ball from Griffin. LA has the ball down one, Griffin's floater misses and Jordan's called for basket interference. Danny at the line to put the game away with 4 seconds to go and Kawhi gets the biggest rebound of the game off Green's miss of his 2nd free throw.

Spurs win by 4.