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The best plays from Spurs/Clippers Game Four

There were some bright spots for the Spurs in their loss to the Clippers on Sunday night. Let's check them out.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

The GIF Breakdown is a celebration of what the Spurs do well. Even in losses.

Tony Parker looks like Tony Parker which is a nice development. Let's hope this continues for the rest of the series.

I can't remember the last time OMFB Tony showed his face. This was great to see.

One more from the Wee Frenchman.

Boris Diaw read Jesus Gomez' piece on how he has a problem matching up against the Clippers, downed a couple espressos and went to work against LA. In games two through four Bobo has averaged 12.3 points on 51.7% from the field, 7.3 boards, four helpers, a steal and almost a block. He still hasn't hit a three in the series and in games three and four he took just one in each game.

Boris Diaw and Blake Griffin present a matchup problem for each other. Neither can guard the other.

Look at that sweet scoop shot to keep the ball away from DeAndre Jordan. It's a nice drive into the lane for the Big Frenchman if not quite quick enough to be described as "darting."

Manu Ginobili wan't great on Sunday but this steal sure was.

This GIF has everything Manu in it. First the Bad Manu trying to pass the ball through Blake Griffin, then a recovery and the Good Manu making a smart decision to immediately attack the basket, a half-Eurostep, a subtle fake to keep DeAndre floorbound and then the wrong-footed layup at a crazy angle before Jordan could contest. This is exactly the kind of play where DeAndre Jordan uses that athleticism and length to swat an attempt into the fourth row. Only Manu could make a pass so awful you want to hit yourself on the head and then put on such a brilliant display of craftiness in five seconds.

Kawhi Leonard fed Tim Duncan for easy layups a couple of times.

I love how Whi baited Jordan into the air before the wraparound to Big Fun.

Let's end this edition with my favorite hammer -- Boris in the post as the ball handler. Bonus content: Crawford with the horizontal block attempt.