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The best plays from Spurs/Clippers Game 3

The OG Big Three scored just 12 points but the Spurs put a thorough whooping on the Clippers behind 32 from Kawhi, good defense and solid team play. Let's have a quick review of some of the standout plays that helped the Spurs take a 2-1 series lead.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Tiago Splitter is an underrated passer. Check out this beauty to Danny Green. That might be the flashiest pass of Tiago's NBA career, but he wasn't showing off, it was just the best way to make that play.

That wasn't it between Tiago and Danny, a couple of plays later the two connected again, beating J.J. Redick with a back cut and a sweet bouncer.

Check out the patience that Boris Diaw shows as he works down low against Redick. He waits for Matt Barnes to fully commit to bringing the double before he kicks the ball out to Kawhi Leonard for the open three-ball.

The enthusiasm and passion that Tim Duncan still brings to the game is one of my favorite things about the Spurs. I'd be really surprised if Timmy didn't come back for at least another season. He's still great, the team's still great and he still loves the game. Why would he call it quits?

The Spurs pick apart the trapping defense of the Clippers with precision passing. That's too easy. I'm expecting the Clippers to bring more energy on Sunday. Then again, it must be exhausting to keep scrambling and rotating as the Spurs keep moving it.

Another underrated aspect of Tiago's game, his pump-fake.

Manu Ginobili only made one basket, but he did lots of little things for the Spurs, like grabbing six boards and dishing six helpers, but he made a couple of defensive plays that made me think that maybe there's another year of basketball left for our beloved Argentine. Also note Tim's full sprint to get back into the play - that's what makes Tim great, we just take for granted that Tim is going to play the game the right way. There will be no half-hearted effort from the legend.

What's that? Kawhi caused a turnover and scored on the other end. That's hard to believe.

Kawhi's 30th and 31st points, setting a new career-high. Gregg Popovich inserted him into the game just so that he could get to 30. That's out of character for Pop and a nice gesture after not allowing Whi to pass 26 during the regular season.

This team is so easy to root for.