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The good plays from Game 1

The Spurs didn't produce many highlight worthy plays as the Clippers dominated Game 1 but there were a few. Let's celebrate the good while we wait for Game 2.

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

The Clippers hedged hard on pick-and-rolls a lot on Sunday night. The Spurs need to quickly make smart decisions to exploit the fact that someone is open when this happens.

Trapping the ball handler in this PnR led to a wide-open Manu triple. The Spurs are going to need more of this going forward. And by this I mean the Spurs taking advantage of what they are given. Oh, and Manu Ginobili hitting threes.

The all-time leader in playoff blocks added a couple more in Game 1. Timmy brings the help and swats Blake Griffin's attempt with good timing.

We all know what happened to Aron Baynes on Sunday. It wasn't ALL bad for the Aussie, he did have this nice bouncer between defenders to Duncan for two. I'd just like to point out that while Blake dunked all over Baynes three times, at least the Aussie was giving effort. It's Blake's lack of hustle to get back to his man that gives Tim this bucket.

This is right after Manu air-balled a three. Manu doesn't know how to quit and after picking off a lazy pass the Spurs move the ball and get another three. It's good to see Patty Mills hit some shots.

I'm not sure that anyone in the league is a more ridiculous flopper than Big Baby Davis just because it's impossible to believe that a guy that size can be knocked down so easily. With the Clippers now defending the play with four guys, it just takes the Spurs swinging the ball around the arc to find an open triple.

The Clippers were good in game one. Let's hope the Spurs can step up their game going forward.