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The best plays from the Spurs' win over the Magic

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Manu Ginobili is still doing Manu Ginobili things, working his voodoo in slow motion and half-euro-stepping his way through a hole that no one saw but Gino. I don't understand how he is able to do this. He's not exactly fast, you know he's going left and that he's probably going to change direction, yet he somehow gets a clean layup.

I have a soft spot for Matt Bonner. He's been on the squad longer than anyone except the big three, he's funny, he seems to be well grounded and one of his nicknames is "Red Mamba." What's there not to love? So anytime I can celebrate The Medium Fundamental, with his limited role these days, I do. One of the things Matt has added to his game over the years is a pump-fake, dribble-drive floater.

Kawhi Leonard continues the incredible progress he's made in terms of court-vision, patience and passing. Look at the attention he's getting from the Magic as he works with his back to the basket as well as the patience he shows in waiting for a lane to get the ball to Tiago with a terrific bouncer through traffic.

One more example of Kawhi creating, with the crossover and drive, and distributing, with the bounce-pass between defenders. The future looks brighter with each game as Kawhi continues to raise his ceiling.

It's great that Kawhi can create and is now a real option to go through, but this is what makes the Spurs so much fun to watch at their best. Beautiful passing leads to the wide-open corner three for The Manu.

Nutmeg Bonus:

Because Manu.