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Clippers expert wonders how often the Spurs will intentionally foul DeAndre Jordan

Gregg Popovich has shown a willingness to do everything possible within the rules to win a series. This has often included sending poor free throw shooters to the line repeatedly. In a conversation with Clips Nation editor Steve Perrin, J.R. Wilco talks about the fouling, Chris Paul's State Farm commercials, and whether this is Manu Ginobili's last year.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Two years ago I took a trip to Los Angeles to see my best friend, but he was out of town when I first flew in from Austin so I took the opportunity to meet a few of the SBNation bloggers who live in and around Hollywood. Steve Perrin of Clips Nation and I played some basketball, shared a meal at an Irish pub, and talked all kinds of NBA. It was an exceedingly enjoyable time.

What with our two teams meeting up in the first round of the playoffs, we thought we'd do it again, only this time using ReplyAll so all of you can share in the fun. We come at Spurs vs. Clippers from a number of angles, several I didn't expect, like talking about intentional fouls before the series had even begun. So sit back and relax. This gets good.

If you head over to Clips Nation to discuss all this with them, be sure to behave yourselves.