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Four Spurs release music video as Spuran Spuran

Fans have been waiting all day for this, the debut video from Spuran Spuran.

In the newest offering from the mind of Matt "The Medium Fundamental" Bonner, Spuran Spuran has released their debut music video, creatively titled, "Spurs!", which is also the song's lone lyric.

In case you're unaware that the Spurs had formed a band, Matt Bonner, Aron Baynes, Patty Mills, the Coyote and somewhat surprisingly, Kawhi Leonard have formed a band in what appears to be the 1980's.

Here it is, "Spurs!"

I'm not sure that Matt Bonner can top the absolutely brillian Coach B series he put out a couple of seasons ago, but I encourage him to keep trying. This video, full of Bonner's quirky personality -- I mean who says "Huge Trio," "sphere bounce" or "nutrient preparation," is a fun addition to Matt Bonner's collection.

Also, is it just me or was it hilarious to hear Kawhi say that his idol growing up was Lars Ulrich, not just because that doesn't really make sense for an 80's band and second, because can you imagine Kawhi Leonard listening to Metallica?

Alright, hit the comments with your jokes and observations.