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Game Preview: San Antonio Spurs vs. Phoenix Suns

The roaring Spurs' last home game of the regular season is against the still-freshly-eliminated-from-playoff-contention Phoenix Suns.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

San Antonio Spurs vs Phoenix Suns

AT&T Center, San Antonio, TX
April 12, 2015, 6:00 PM Spurs Time

After defeating the Rockets in two straight games, the Spurs shift their attention to Phoenix for Sunday night's game against the Suns. This is another big game for the Spurs in terms of playoff seeding, as they look to gain ground on the second seed in the Western Conference, and distance themselves from the Memphis Grizzlies, Los Angeles Clippers, and Houston Rockets.

The last the Suns and Spurs met was just after Phoenix, looking to make a playoff push, had made big moves at the trade deadline. The Spurs were attempting to build momentum following a couple strong performances. Fast-forward to now, and both teams are in far different places. The Suns' big deadline deals proved to be not enough in a tough Western Conference, and the Spurs are coming off of their best month of the season.

That best month was sparked in part due to that win over the Suns. In that game, San Antonio held Phoenix to a franchise-low of 24 points in the first-half, and kept their foot on the gas pedal until there was no chance of a comeback.

Kawhi Leonard played a big role in that game, and Spurs fans should expect him to shine again in this one. He's been on a tear since that game, forcing himself into the discussions about the best players in the game. His ability to turn defense to offense, and also supplement the Spurs' half-court attack will no doubt br the key against a fast-moving Suns attack.

The players to watch for Phoenix will be Eric Bledsoe and Markieff Morris. Since moving Goran Dragic and Isiah Thomas at the deadline, Bledsoe and Morris have struggled to step up and replace their production.

The two are still very good players. Bledsoe uses his speed and athleticism to score and is a more than capable passer. Morris is a tough and athletic forward, able to score the ball well. The problem is that they are who they are, good players but not enough alone for a team to be fine. In fairness to them, none of their teammates have had a dramatic increase in production either, and the one player they did bring back from the deadline, Brandon Knight, has had injury issues and hasn't fit in perfectly basketball-wise.

While the Suns have had their obstacles lately, it is important to remember that they are all relative to what else is going on the the wild, wild West. They are still a talented team capable of beating any other, so the Spurs need to be on their game, or their excellent work against the Rockets could be undone.


Phoenix Suns (22-16)

San Antonio Spurs (21-15)

April 12, 2015

AT&T Center, San Antonio, TX

6:00 PM CDT


Radio: WOAI 1200AM


Eric Bledsoe


Tony Parker

P.J. Tucker


Danny Green

Marcus Morris


Kawhi Leonard

Markieff Morris


Tim Duncan

Brandan Wright


Aron Baynes

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Game prediction: Spurs by 12.

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