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Final Score: Duncan's last second block of Harden seals Spurs' 10th-straight win, 104-103

If there's one fan base that I can really take pleasure in knowing that they are full of rage and disappointment, it's the Rockets. I don't care what anyone says, this game was a ton of fun.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The Rockets love to get to the free throw line. In fact, there are only three places that they want to get points from - behind  the arc, at the rim or at the free-throw line. That's smart, those are the most efficient places on the floor after all. So I found the irony of the fans in the arena booing each time Gregg Popovich instructed his guys to intentionally foul Josh Smith particularly delicious.

In the end there were 77 free throws taken, 53 by the Rockets and 26 by Josh Smith (who made 12.) I hope they never change that rule. People make a big deal about it, but how many times a year does it actually happen? How many guys does it even apply to? Like a dozen?  Watching professional players become uncomfortable shooting free throws is fun. If it happened every game it would get old, but ten times a season? Let there be bricks.

This game was a mess and I'm going to let the always-great Jesus Gomez break it down in the recap. I'm going to smile all the way downtown to end the night.

Your Spurs improve to 54-26 and jump up to the three seed.

Quick Notes:

  • Tim Duncan, the most consistent guy to ever grace the hardwood, played one heck of a game. The almost 39-year old finished with 29 points on just 15 shots, 10 boards, two assists, a steal and two blocks. Including the one below.

GIF of the Night:

Tim Duncan with the game-sealing block, making James Harden 5-for-19 on the night and giving Stephen Curry the MVP (I would think.)

Up Next:

The Spurs will host the Suns on Sunday and finish the season in New Orleans on Wednesday.