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The best plays from the Spurs win over the Rockets

A rain-delayed GIF Breakdown of the first game of a home-and-home between the Spurs and Rockets.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Silver and Black Alley-oops used to be the most rare of sights for Spurs fans, but Kawhi Leonard has changed all of that. A Tim Duncan alley-oop, though, that is ALWAYS big fun.

Tony Parker played his best game as a scorer in quite some time as he had the pleasure of going against the aging Rockets' point guards - Pablo Prigioni in this case.

Tony beats Prigioni again and finishes with a really pretty shot off the glass.

Not as much fun as a Cream Shake but you have to think that Tim, who's post-game isn't exactly what it once was, had a good time pulling out a Dream Shake against Dwight Howard, who has spent a couple of summers trying to learn post moves (without the results that Rockets fans hoped for) from Hakeem Olajuwon. How odd must it be for long-time Rockets fans to see an opposing center make such a tribute while beating Houston.

It was Tony's night, so instead of the customary Kawhi-steal-then-coast-to-coast we got to see Tony wait for Josh Smith to fly by for an easy layup.

What kind of Spurs fan doesn't love Cory Joseph? Kid's played tough defense all season, goes 100% all the time, and is fearless. Watch him fight off the much bigger Josh Smith to get a layup after Smith lazily tries to makes a pass to James "I am the MVP" Harden, who certainly shows the hustle of a player deserving MVP getting back. Notice Kawhi, behind Harden and moving in the wrong direction when the steal happens, is the player that got back quick enough to make a play had Cory missed the layup.

Aron Baynes has 15 steals this season and I can't recall one as fun as him stripping Dwight Howard. How is it that Tim Duncan, ten years older than Howard and on like 1.3 legs, started five feet behind a guy who likens himself to Superman and then beat him down the floor?

"Watch this!"

CoJo with the smooth moves through the lane before the kick out to Manu.

Okay, so I guess there was a Kawhi coast-to-coast. Of course there was.