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Final Score: Spurs thump struggling Magic, 103-91

The final score doesn't show how dominant the Spurs were in their win over the Magic on Wednesday night.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Spurs' starting five has completely destroyed the league over the past month, posting a +31.5 net-rating in March in 164 minutes of play. It's been the bench that has been inconsistent and unable to maintain, much less extend, leads, but on Wednesday night it was the still-finding-their-way bench that did the dominating in the first half while the starters were outplayed. Check out the dramatic difference in plus/minus:

At the half, Aron Baynes led the Spurs with 12, but Marco Belinelli (8) showed signs of life, including knocking down a tough, off-balance jumper and Boris Diaw put up a line that is quintessential Diaw: 6-3-3-2-1.

The starters were better at the start of the third and the bench continued their excellent play as the lead grew over 20, ensuring that the starters would get plenty of rest. By the time it was over the bench scored 69, or 67% of the team's points, in a very comfortable win over the young Magic.

Not too much to take away here. There was a good team and a bad team. The good team took care of business.

Your Spurs improve to 49-26 and remain in the sixth seed, but if Portland beats the Clippers, the Spurs will wake up in the fifth seed.

Pop quote:

When asked why the Spurs' bench was still energetic up 19 in the fourth:
Well, they're all high character guys, they care about what's going on and they want to keep getting better up until the playoffs I guess. They're just good people.

GIF of the Night:

Who doesn't love a Manu nutmeg? Look at where the ball hits Baynes...insane placement from the magician.

Up Next:

The Spurs will host the Denver Nuggets Friday night, where they'll look to make it their 16th-straight 50-win season, before they end the week against the Golden State Warriors on Sunday at the AT&T Center.