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Kawhi Leonard is learning the balancing act that Tony Parker eventually mastered

As Kawhi becomes a star and takes on more responsibilities in the Spurs system, he can look to his point guard for a blueprint on how to handle the challenge.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

To a large degree, the story of the 2013-14 Spurs season has been the tale of Kawhi Leonard's ascendance and inability to fully ascend -- whether due to injury, growing pains or simply needing to figure out how to carry a larger load of San Antonio's offense while growing into an NBA Superstar.

That's the theme of my weekly appearance on the Phil Naessens show, and while we had a connectivity issue at the end of our talk, it happened after we had discussed the way Leonard's present resembles Parker's first few years in the league.

I'm the first segment on Phil's show, and he also has some great conversations with Joe Mullinax about NFL Free Agency, the Atlanta Hawks with Kris Willis and Rush Olson and Phil preview the Toronto Blue Jays and Kansas City Royals.

You can listen using the player below or you can download the show from Phil's site.