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GIF Breakdown: Spurs vs. Kings

Three wins in a row! Let's look at some of the plays that stood out from the Spurs' drubbing of the Kings on Wednesday night.

Erich Schlegel-USA TODAY Sports

Kawhi Leonard had this emphatic jam on Boogie Cousins after he beat Ben McLemore on the perimeter. Such a forceful dunk from Game-MVP Kawhi.


Tony Parker and Tim Duncan run a give-and-go, Tony gets into the lane and draws Omri Casspe's attention which leaves Kawhi free to drift just below the break. Tony hits Whi with a solid bounce-pass and the cornrowed-one puts three on the scoreboard for the good guys.

whi corner

The only guy actually playing in the league that is older than Tim Duncan, Andre Miller, has underestimated just how long Kawhi's arms and hands are. Danny and Whi switch, Miller looks to get Rudy Gay the ball for a post-up and Leonard takes the ball away as Miller starts to make the entry pass.

whi steal

Tony Parker looked good in the game. Here's one of his oft-successful spin-moves that have become a rare sight lately. It's good to see TP aggressive.


Confident Tony in transmission is what you want as a Spurs fan. Timmy D clears out the lane for Parker and the Frenchman stretches out to keep Cousins away from the ball and gets the layup to drop. With Tony unable to finish the way that we've become accustomed to seeing lately, this was refreshing.

tony floater

Let's end this edition with one more from Tony Parker in transition. Parker goes behind his back to get by Ray McCallum before he races down the floor, sees Boogie back and goes to his floater. The ball catches the front of the rim but a couple of soft bounces led the ball through the bottom of the net. The floater isn't 100% back yet, but it's going in and that's a step in the right direction. Good game from TP.

otny floater 2

Hopefully the Spurs can make it four wins in a row when they take on the Nuggets on Friday night in San Antonio.