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The best plays from the Spurs' blasting of the Thunder

In this edition of GIF Beatdown, we'll look at some of the plays from the throttling that the shorthanded Thunder took from the Spurs on Wednesday night.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

There's so much to get through, with 14 plays, that we're just going to jump right in.


Danny Green stuffed the stat sheet against the Thunder and he finished with 10 points on 4-of-7 from the field, added two boards, three assists, two steals and a block. Here he is early in the game with a 27-foot, PUJIT heat check.

Tim Duncan made his first bucket on the previous possession for the Spurs and he hit this open look off a pick-and-pop with Tony Parker. It appears this game was important to him, perhaps because he wanted the lead to grow large enough that he could attempt the three-pointer that you can see below, but after a seemingly routine jumper in a 14-point game, Tim was uncharacteristically pumped up.

I like what happens when Tim sees that D.J. Augustin is all alone against Kawhi Leonard on the right block and Tony Parker is just lazily dribbling around the perimeter. On the broadcast you can hear Tim screaming "Hey, hey. Whi-Whi. Hey. Whi!" at Tony. I the juxtaposition of the cool Leonard with his hand up while the annoyed, un-cool Duncan pleads with Tony to give him the ball for the entry pass.

My biggest concern for a future Spurs where Kawhi is the first option was that Leonard might struggle passing the basketball. I'm completely over that. His court vision has improved as he's spent more time with the ball and he now regularly pulls out Manu-esque passes like that half-court bounce pass to Splitter or the wraparound in the lane against the Hawks. Here he is on the break and he draws three defenders to him while Boris Diaw goes backdoor and Kawhi dumps it off for the easy score.

Check out Kawhi with one of his patented coast-to-coast scores and he holds off Westbrook on his way to the layup.

When this happened I smiled and hit the rewind button a couple of times. Tony Parker misses his attempt in transition but Danny Green comes galloping through the lane for the putback dunk.

How about a Kawhi corner-three to end a dominant first half? They didn't shoot 76% (just 63% on Wednesday night) like they did in the first half of Game Three of the 2014 Finals, but they did lead the opponent 71-50 just like in that game. Whi shows good awareness of the clock and uses the time to jab step to create a clean look.

Kawhi Leonard, superhero.

If Westbrook doesn't go for the steal here, perhaps this is a Tony Parker layup, but Westbrook does and Tony finds Duncan in the corner for a triple to give the Spurs a 25-point lead halfway through the third quarter. Show off that form, Timmy.

The game got so out of hand that Patty Mills pulled out an ultra-light version of that crazy Curry step-back from a couple of weeks ago and didn't get pulled out of the game by Pop. Maybe this is just what Patty needs to find his still-missing-since-coming-back stroke. He finished the game 4-of-6 and 3-of-4 from deep.

Beautiful tic-tac-toe passing from the Spurs leads to an easy Boris Diaw layup. I must have watched this GIF 30 times.