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The only parts of Spurs vs Mavericks it's safe to relive

The Spurs blew a sizable early lead in a disappointing loss to the Mavericks, but for a small part of the game Tiago Splitter became unstoppable in the post.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Tiago Splitter picked up right where he left off after two outstanding performances that included a season-high scoring effort against the Celtics before besting night that against the Hawks on Sunday afternoon.

Tiago's not the prettiest guy to watch in the post, but he sure is good at it. His herky-jerky style and reluctance to dunk the basketball sometimes make it look like the big man isn't as good as he is down low, but he's currently producing the most points per possession in the post among players who take at least 20% of their attempts down low.


Here's a nice spin followed by an up-and-under which is nice, but check out the left hand finish. Tiago's been good in the post all season, but his play over the past five or six games is at a new level and has been a ton of fun to watch.

I'm not sure how often Tiago gets this one to go, but if this is really in his toolbox it will be fun to watch over the next couple of seasons. Dirk does a good job of forcing Tiago away from the basket but the Brazilian looks like he's totally comfortable with the eight-foot, running scoop shot.

Tiago is really confident these days. On the next possession he calls for the ball, drives hard into the lane and then hop-steps and wriggles his way around Tyson Chandler for another scoop shot. This one's not quite as difficult as the one above, but that's a good defender right there.