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GIF Breakdown: San Antonio Spurs vs. Boston Celtics

31 glorious assists on 38 buckets for the Spurs on Friday night. Let's check out some of them.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

On the other end of the floor a bad pass led to a loose ball. Tim Duncan ended up with possession of the ball but he ended up on the ground in the process. I'm not going to show that part because even though Brad Stevens was impressed that Tim hit the deck for the ball a couple of times, this was, well, let's just say that's a really nice way of saying that Tim fell down. So he's trailing the play here, Brandon Bass forgets about the GOATPUFF and Tiago waits patiently for Tim to come barreling down the lane and hits him with a sweet pocket pass.

Tiago Splitter's been playing some of his best basketball in a Spurs uniform over the past couple of weeks. He's been elite in the post all season (1.07 ppp) but lately he's played at the top of his game. It helps here that it's 6'7" Evan Turner trying to stop Splitter and Kelly Olynyk has to bring help, but the big Brazilian hesitates and goes to the other side of the hoop for the score.

Tony Parker working off a Bobo ball screen, doing his thing, getting into the paint, drawing the defense in, pulling out the up-and-under and finger-rolling his way to two points. Very nice.

Good decision, Tiago. Sure he's been playing well and the Spurs had a 24-point lead, but can you imagine how mad Popovich would have been if Splitter had actually taken a pull-up triple with 18 seconds left on the shot clock.

Who had Reggie Williams driving into the lane, sucking in the defense and creating an open, 17-foot look for Aron Baynes in this game? Nice pass, too.

Great cut from Tim off a Kawhi Leonard back-screen. Danny Green makes a GREAT pass and Big Fun quickly gets a couple more for the good guys.

Man do I love it when Tim and Tony play the ol' two-man game. A couple of passes and a couple of screens leads to a lane for Duncan, who gets a floater off before Olynyk gets close enough to defend.

Remember when the Foreign Legion would routinely use exceptional ball movement to create WIDE OPEN looks? Manu is expected back quicker than originally thought and hopefully we'll see consistent play from the second unit. This is such a pretty play, from the give-and-go, to the kick out to Danny from Belinelli and finally the pass from good look to great look that leads to the Patty Mills triple.

Let's end this edition with one more post-up for Tiago. Look, Kelly Olynyk isn't a good post defender, in fact, among players that have defended at least 40 attempts only Afflalo, Kanter and Mozgov when he was on the Nuggets have allowed more points per possession, but that's a sweet spin move into a hook from Splitter.