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Final Score: Spurs lose to Knicks, 104-100

Bookmakers gave the Spurs a 3.5% chance of losing this game. You could say this was an upset.

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

If you missed that game, congratulations. If you did watch, I'm sorry.

What a tremendously disappointing performance from the Silver and Black. I don't think that the game shows some fatal flaw that the Spurs have, but that was easily the worst loss of the season for the team. What was that?

The Spurs didn't look particularly good in the first half of the game, but the second half was a complete disaster. The third quarter woes resurfaced as San Antonio was outscored 26-23 and followed up those 12 bad minutes with 12 awful minutes in the fourth. Of course, as is the theme this season, the Spurs were unable to pull the game out in overtime and are now 1-6 when extra time is needed. SA hit just one of their eight OT field goal attempts, turned the ball over twice and missed two of their four free throws.

We need to just forget about this one. So bad.

And to make things worse, the Spurs have a game tomorrow night and the starters all played heavy minutes.

To their credit, the Knicks fought out of a 13-point hole, stuck around late into the game before taking the lead outright and pulling out what will probably be their best win of the season. Alexey Shved had a nice game, Langston Galloway is a bright spot and Lou Admundson did a great job on the boards and gave great effort all around. Congratulations to those guys, it's been a rough season.


For a guy who doesn't care about stats, Tim Duncan sure has compiled some really impressive numbers over his career. There's only one other guy who can best Timmy's career totals of 25,700 points, 14,500 rebounds and 2900 blocks -- Kareem Abdul-Jabar.  Tonight he passed Kevin Garnett for eighth on the all-time rebounding list and that also makes him the active rebounding leader.

Anyway, this game was hard to watch, so here's where big Tim falls on the all-time lists not including the Knicks game:

Games played - 1315 (12th) He needs 15 more to pass Moses Malone
Minutes played - 45,380 (14th)
Field Goals - 9985 (12th)
Free throws - 5752 (21st) 11 back of Elgin Baylor
Assists - 4011 (104th)
Blocks - 2904 (6th) trails David Robinson by 50
Steals - 966 (165th)
Turnovers - 3270 (15th)
Points - 25,751 (16th)
Win shares - 198.24 (6th)

That's impressive, but his playoff numbers are mind boggling.

Games played - 234 (4th) 7 back of Kareem and 10 back of Robert Horry
Minutes - 8902 (1st)
Field Goals - 1900 (5th)
Free Throws - 1183 (5th)
Rebounds - 2733 (3rd) Russell (4104) and Wilt (3913) will never be caught. LeBron (1332) is Tim's biggest threat. 
Assists - 727 (27th)
Steals - 157 (39th)
Blocks - 545 (1st)
Turnovers - 616 (4th)
Points - 4988 (5th)
Win Shares - 36.27 (2nd)

GIF of the Night:

Tim Duncan and Kawhi Leonard with their best attempt to make it into the Sportscenter Top Ten.

whi oop

Up Next:

The Spurs will play a SEGABABA tomorrow night in Milwaukee against the Bucks. The Spurs then host the Celtics, who have been playing well lately, in San Antonio on Friday night. Then the schedule turns and the team will have good tests against the Hawks, Mavericks (twice), Grizzlies, Thunder and Heat to close out the month.