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GIF Breakdown: Spurs vs. Bulls

I don't know about you guys, but I think that was the most fun I've had watching a Spurs game this season. Let's take a brief look at some of the plays that stood out in the Spurs' fifth-straight win.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

I can't do this without giving Tim Duncan a little love. It took 1311 games, but Tim Duncan finally failed to make a field goal in a game, as I'm sure you've heard by now. He did grab eight boards and three assists, though. Here's a zippy pass from the trailing Duncan to Tiago Splitter as the teams are settling in to the half-court. Nice work from Splitter on Noah to get position and great awareness and execution from Tim leads to Tiago acknowledging the helper with the customary finger-point-after-points on the way down the floor.

tim to tiago

Let's look at some of the highlight-worthy steals the Spurs came up with on Sunday afternoon.

Manu Ginobili picks off the cross-court pass and takes it the other way against E'Twaun Moore. Gino beats him with a beautiful behind the back move and gets the easy layup. Vintage Manu.

Danny Green sees that Nikola Mirotic is going to try to enter the ball to Joakim Noah, who had a huge mismatch with Tony Parker on him, and times his jump perfectly to swat down the pass before it really even gets started. Once he recovers the loose ball there's nothing to stop him from getting two for the good guys.

I can't imagine what it's like to try to do anything with a basketball while Kawhi Leonard is within five feet. Mirotic doesn't even get the chance here to put the ball on the deck before Whi pokes it away and is off for the slam.

One more from Leonard. Kawhi uses his length and quickness to muck up Mike Dunleavy's drive, pushes the ball way out in front of him to give him and fights off Noah as he races down the floor. Noah makes, but fails, to knock the ball loose and Leonard safely deposits the ball through the net.

Tony Parker played a great game. I was going to feature more from the Frenchman, but I'm short on time so just a couple of plays will have to suffice. He had two nice spin-moves for layups in the game, but with it now being an every game occurrence we'll just look at one. E'Twuan Moore actually does a nice job of staying in front of Parker on this one but Tony has been able to finish at the rim lately and a soft touch helps the ball drop.

We don't see Tony work with his back to the basket very often so I thought this should be included. He beats Aaron Brooks with a nice move back to the baseline and keeps Pau Gasol out of the picture with a nice hop-step followed by a quick shot off the glass.


'Let's end this edition with an excellent give-and-go between Patty Mills and Tim Duncan. Everything worked great on this play, from Patty's entry to Duncan and subtle fake to get Kirk Hinrich shifted the wrong direction, to Duncan's on-the-money bouncer and finally the quick reverse from Mills to keep Nazr Mohammed from the ball.