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GIF Breakdown: Spurs at Raptors

Despite the fact that the Spurs' FG% was horrible, what shots they did make were of the fun and re-watchable variety.

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

It was cool when Manu Ginobili hit this buzzer-beating, step-back triple but it's too bad it was his only make from downtown on the night. Gino and Danny Green shot a combined 2-1for-13 from deep.

manu buzzer

Here's a nice, quick score from Boris Diaw and Manu just as the Raptors are setting up for he half-court game. Boris sets a pick for Manu and rolls to the hoop while Gino does what he does so often as he drives through the lane- hit a Spurs big man with a wraparound pass for an easy score.

mg bobo

Here's Marco Belinelli doing one of the things he does best - use his wiles and making well-timed cuts to get points. Beli uses a couple of steps of misdirection to lose Terrance Ross before trotting into the paint where Boris shows off his court-vision and passing chops by hitting Beli with a beautiful bouncer through traffic for the uncontested layup.

bobo beli

Tim Duncan and Belinelli connected for similar buckets a minute apart with excellent passing from Timmy and diving from Marco. The second make and burn of Terrence Ross by Beli gave the Spurs a nine-point lead and gave me false confidence in the outcome of the game.

tim beli 1

tim beli 2

It's the old Richard Jefferson alley-oop play.There's the misdirection to Tony, the screen to free Kawhi Leonard from Aron Baynes and the lob and finish.

tony whi

The Spurs assisted 74% of their buckets against Toronto which is a fine number. The problem was the lack of makes. Here's some beautiful passing from San Antonio that ends with an easy two from Duncan.

splits danny tim

Manu and Tim have been known to run a highly effective give-and-go on the left side of the floor on inbounds plays. This is the same but with Patty Mills and in transition. Obviously Mills isn't as big as Tim but the pick he sets is effective  and it springs the Argentine down the baseline.

manu patty gng

I don't think I've ever seen Tim Duncan this disappointed about a missed shot in a regular season game before. Sure, he missed the bunny, but it's always interesting to see Duncan display so much emotion.

tim disappointed

That's it for this edition. There's just two more games before the All-Star break and if the Spurs can manage to pick up a couple wins they might even move up to the sixth seed before Tim and Marco make their way to New York. Dallas (5) and the Clippers (6) play tonight and someone is going to lose. I'd guess the Clips, who have lost four straight after moving into the three-seed, as the game is in Dallas and they're without Blake Griffin until at least after the All-Star break. Check out the Clippers' upcoming schedule. It's really brutal and without Blake I'd say they're in real danger of falling out of the playoffs. It wouldn't be crazy if this is the middle of something like a 1-11 or 2-10 skid for them.