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GIF Breakdown: Spurs vs. Magic

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

We'll have just a quick GIF Breakdown today of a couple of plays from San Antonio's win over the Magic on Wednesday night.


Kawhi Leonard continues to improve and impress with his passing chops. Here he finds perhaps the best cutter on the Spurs, making his return from a strain, in Marco Belinelli. Marco gets the ball to Kawhi in the post and Elfrid Payton follows the ball with his head instead of focusing on Beli, who uses the opportunity to head to the hoop. Beli takes a path that leads Payton into Nikola Vucivic as Whi dumps a nice pass under the basket to Beli and the Italian goes pump-fake then reverse for the score.

Here's a rare defensive GIF. Check out Whi put the kibosh on a Victor Oladipo/Vucivic give-and-go. Leonard shadows Oladipo everywhere he goes and after about seven seconds forces the Magic to abandon the idea of getting Oladipo the ball. Leonard hounded Dipo all game and Victor finished 5-of-21 for the night.

Manu Ginobili is having a great season passing the basketball and he's generating 21.9 points per 48 minutes from assists which is outstanding for a guy who isn't  exclusively a point guard, though Manu spends a good portion of his time on the floor as the Spurs' de facto PG. Here's a nice dish after Manu drives into the paint and draws three-and-a-half defenders which leaves Aron Baynes unchecked. Gino finds Bangers with a nice wraparound pass and Baynes throws one down.

manu to baynes

Let's end this edition with one from Timmy Duncan. The vet is still playing at an insanely high level and finished this game with another quiet 26 points and 10 rebounds. In this play he faces up Vucivic, jab steps like he's going right, then fakes his banker and gets Vooch to bite just enough to get a drive to the middle started. From there it's Tim's one-dribble two-step drive across the lane into his righty hook.

tim work

See you Pounders after the Heat game.