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J.R. Wilco discusses this year's Spurs Rodeo Road Trip on the Phil Naessens Show

It's been a while since the last appearance, so there's plenty to talk about even though the Spurs haven't played much recently.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

I always enjoy catching up with Phil Naessens about all things Spurs, and this time we're really catching up as I haven't been on the show for a few weeks. We discuss All Star snubs, San Antonio's recent play, and what to expect from this year's Rodeo Road Trip. (And we even manage to get the number of road games wrong -- it's actually 9.)

Also on the show our friend Sherm from Loud City joins Phil to talk all things Thunder, our friend David Ramil from Hot Hot Hoops joins Phil to discuss why the Heat lead the NBA in points allowed, Rush Olson joins Phil to discuss new MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred and his desire to not allow defensive shifts, and Jameyan Smith joins Phil and the guys discuss the All Star reserves from the Western Conference.

You can download the show from Phil's site or listen on the player below!