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Crown Prince Warriors commit regicide on reigning Spurs

The team playing the league's best ball beat the NBA Champions Friday night. Soundly.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Let's face it. The better team won. Most likely the BEST team won.

The Spurs, like nearly every other team in the league, simply couldn’t stop all of the things the Warriors are able to do offensively. And like every other team in the league, they couldn’t crack the Warriors high-pressure, smart rotation defense. There is a reason they are ranked 1st in the NBA on defense and 2nd in offense. These Warriors are like super-duper, mega good.

The Spurs played well in the first half--even leading after the first quarter--causing me to cautiously poke my head from behind the tortoise shell of pessimism I'd created as protection for this game. After vintage performances from Tony Parker and Tim Duncan Thursday night against the Clippers, it was the newly discovered offense of Aron Baynes and an engaged Boris Diaw who emerged as hopes for the Spurs. The most welcome sight was that after his lowest point of the season, Kawhi started out 4-4.

This looked like a classic prize fight, with two teams trading blows. Tim Duncan hit a shot with 1:55 left to put the Spurs up 53-52. That was probably the last time Spurs fans would feel good all night. The now ubiquitous 3rd quarter nightmare came 2 minutes early, as the Warrirors exploded for a 10-2 run to close the half. The actual 3rd quarter was again brutal for the Spurs as they shot 4-for-25 with 5 turnovers and allowed what felt like 25 wide open Andre Iguadola 3 pointers. When a bit of dust had settled, the Spurs were looking up at a 21 point deficit.

San Antonio tried to make it respectable in the 4th, scoring 31 of their 99 points and bringing the lead down to a misleading 11 on the back of the second unit. But this was game anything but respectable or competitive. The Warriors showed no respect for the Champs, and played perhaps their best game of the season, sending a statement that they are ready to usurp.

Quote of the Night

"He kicked my butt last time. That's one of the things I remembered."

- Steph Curry on Parker's 28 points in 30 minutes during their last meeting

Odds and Ends

As much as I like Draymond Green, and I really like his game (scrappy, undersized when at the 4…reminds me a little bit of a local Philly cheese steak proprietor), he simply cannot hold up against larger post players. Boris Diaw made a...meal of him. What will he do against a team like the Grizzlies? The Warriors can outgun people, but I wonder exactly how that will translate to the playoffs.

If last night against the Clippers was a throwback to bygone eras with:

  • Tim Duncan…dunking
  • Tony Parker penetrating
  • DeAndre Jordan using that Karl Malone knee move (that is supposed to be a foul in today's NBA)
  • Jamal Crawford using that Reggie Miller leg kick (that is supposed to be a foul in today's NBA)

Then tonight was an obvious example of how the game has changed:

  • Warriors shooting 17-33 FROM 3!
  • 51.5 from beyond the arc vs. 48.8 inside it
  • Full-on sprinting for 48 minutes
  • ...the Spurs looking outclassed

Game MVP

Steph Curry. This guy is somehow both a humble son of a humble Dell Curry and the cockiest player in the NBA. Maybe it is just his talent, but I don't hate him for it. 25 points, 11 assits, 4 steals, 4 rebounds.

And he did it with some incredible plays that no one else in the league could make.

Game LVP

The Spurs. Tony Parker on offense. Marco Belinelli on defense. Boris Diaw in the 2nd half. Team rebounding. Aron Baynes dribble-moves.

You pick.

Charles Barkley Numbers Game

25.2: The Warriors average age of Warriors starting 5. They could be good for a long time.

473. Days since Andre Iguodala hit more than 3 three-pointers in a game. (That day he had 7!)

63%. The Spurs have still won nearly 2/3 of their SEGABABAs.

50%. The Spurs have now lost as many as they've won on the road.

1,304. Tim Duncan has passed Elvin Hayes for 13th all time games played.

Internet Watercooler

Just fantastic. Great work.

JA, after getting Pop's best ever 1st/2nd quarter interview:

On Tony Parker spending multiple offensive possessions camped in the corner, obviously not defensive prowess

On a lighter note, this is wonderful: