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Come see the Spurs take on the Cavaliers with fellow Pounders

In the sixth PtR night of the year you can pick up discounted tickets to see LeBron and the Cavs

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

PtR Night has been good for the Spurs' record this season as they hosted and beat the Mavericks, Clippers, Blazers, Lakers and Heat. These are always fun to attend and everyone has a fine time meeting each other before and after the game. As always, you will get to see the Spurs warm up from courtside and you can also take a shot from the charity stripe after the game.

PTR Hoops Package:

1 Exclusive Discounted Game Ticket (Tickets start at $75.00)
1 Early Access Pass to see Shoot Around
1 Post Game Free Throw after the Spurs Vs Cavs on the Spurs Court

For those interested, go to the PtR specific link, enter "PTR" as the promo code, choose your tickets and make plans to have an excellent time at the game. If there are any questions about the form, feel free to contact Danny Farias directly. He's our coordinator, and he always makes things go smoothly.


Promo Code:



Danny Farias
Group Sales Account Executive