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Final Score: Spurs spanked by Warriors, 110-99

A strong Golden State team had their way with San Antonio on national television. The score doesn't accurately express how badly the Spurs were beaten.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The Warriors got everything they wanted, all night long: open looks for their best shooters, turnovers that lead to fast breaks, and a heavy dose of energy from the home crowd. The Spurs had one of those nights where nothing went right, but it wasn't just one of those nights. Golden State played excellent defense and kept San Antonio on the ropes throughout. Even so, it was the Spurs who were up at the end of the second quarter before the Warriors went on a run fueled by outside shooting and Spurs turnovers.

The third quarter which has been such an issue for the Spurs this year, started out just like the first half ended, with the home team getting easy baskets with the silver and black couldn't get anything to work. Before the fourth even began, the game was all but over.

If anyone was wondering, this Warriors team is for real. Steve Kerr has done a fabulous job putting the finishing touches on both sides of the ball. They know what they do best on offense -- move the ball and shoot threes -- and that's what they stick to. And they know where they're strong on defense -- pressuring the ball and playing the passing lanes -- and that gets them great opportunities in transition.

I told myself that i wouldn't worry about the Spurs' chances this year until after the Rodeo Road Trip. Nights like this really test my resolve.