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GIF Breakdown: Spurs at Clippers

The Spurs wasted a vintage performance from Tim Duncan and lost yet another close game. Let's take a quick look at a couple of plays before the Spurs take on the Warriors on Friday night.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Check out Tony Parker work his way into the lane and find the open man in the corner. That's classic Spurs basketball. Tim Duncan being the spot-up man is not so classic, but the big man drained the triple, his first since 11-28-2012, with a confident, pretty stroke. Timmy was great on Thursday night.

tim corner

DeAndre Jordan tried to literally jump over Tim Duncan on his way to a vicious dunk earlier in the game but came up well short and ended up falling to the ground. Tim repaid the favor by  getting excellent position down low and then using DJ's bounciness against him to find space to throw down the one-hander. The Spurs just need to find the veteran some consistent help -- it's ridiculous that he's still the best and most reliable player on the team.

tim jam

Tony Parker looked better than he has most of the season which is a nice development if he can keep it going. Here he runs a beautiful pick-and-roll with the impressively improving Aron Baynes.

TP Baynes

Here's something you don't see everyday -- a four/five pick-and-roll. Tiago Splitter and Tim Duncan run it to perfection and a fantastic bounce-pass from the Brazilian leads to a solid slam from TD.

45 pnr

Tony looked better but I still don't think he's really got his speed back. Maybe I'm remembering it wrong, but it seems like even last season he would have beat Spencer Hawes by more than half a step from the three-point line. I'll take it as a good sign that he beat him and finished, but I would like to see more consistency from Parker. How's his hammy going to feel tonight?

tp lyup

Danny Green hounded Chris Paul into this rare eight-second violation.

8 sec

We'll wrap up this edition of GIF Breakdown with Big Fun doing his best to win the game for the good guys. Duncan threw down a nice dunk on Matt Barnes to cut the Spurs' deficit to one and he didn't even have to throw his knee into Barnes' abdomen to get it done, cough, ahem, DeAndre, cough...

tim jam 2

Maybe tomorrow we'll feature some GIFs from a Spurs win.