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A Spurs-centric perspective on the latest trade rumors

The trade deadline is almost here. Here's a look at the most relevant rumors and what big moves in the Western Conference could mean for the Spurs.

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The trade deadline is tomorrow and things are heating up. No move has been made in the past couple of days but it wouldn't be shocking to see that change in a heartbeat. The Spurs are not expected to be major players at the deadline but what happens in the next few hours could reshape the Western Conference, as other contenders are rumored to be looking to make moves. Here are some of the trade rumors involving big names and how they would impact the Spurs if they come true.

Goran Dragic asked out of Phoenix, wants to be traded to Knicks, Lakers or Heat

The short list that leaked puts the Suns in a very uncomfortable position.The Lakers and Knicks will have very high first round picks but they are not going to trade them for Dragic when they can pursue him in free agency next offseason. The Heat could make an intriguing offer centered around Luol Deng. The Rockets, Kings and Celtics are also in the mix but it's unclear whether Dragic would re-sign there. Either way, all this internal commotion can't be good for chemistry so the Suns falling out of the playoffs seems inevitable at this point. That means the Thunder will likely get in, which is something that would make the West even more dangerous.

Reggie Jackson will probably be traded

Jackson has made it clear he wants to start and has been inconsistent for the Thunder this season, which makes the front office's inclination to trade him understandable. Jackson is still just 24 years old and has showed flashes of brilliance. There are no strong suitors at the moment but the Bucks are reportedly interested. The Thunder getting a package like Khris Middleton and Jerryd Bayless for Jackson would really round up their roster, making them the most dangerous low seeded team in recent history.

The Clippers put Jamal Crawford on the block

Speaking of rounding up rosters, the Clippers reportedly want to trade Crawford for a first round pick to then flip that for a bigger wing like Wilson Chandler and Arron Afflalo. Perimeter defense has been a huge problem for the Clippers all season long and Crawford is a big reason why. The Spurs are tied with the better L.A. team on losses and the Clippers are missing Blake Griffin, who is out with injury. A trade could re-energize them, which could affect the Spurs' chances of climbing in the standings.

Larry Sanders reaches buyout with Bucks, Mavericks reportedly interested

Larry Sanders has had a lot of off court issues these past couple of season, culminating in a violation of the league's drug policy that got him a 10-game suspension. He left a lot of money on the table in the buyout agreement he reached with the Bucks and is now a free agent. Reports indicate he won't be ready to play soon, as he's dealing with his personal problems, but could be ready to suit up again down the line. The Mavericks are desperate for size and have showed interest, according to ESPN's Tim McMahon. When he's on the court, Sanders is a great defender who can protect the rim, exactly the type of player Dallas needs off the bench. Yet his altercation with Monta Ellis when they were teammates and the Mavericks' bad experience with the similarly troubled Lamar Odom make a fit unlikely.

The Pacers might be willing to trade David West

Grantland's Zach Lowe mentioned that not long ago the Pacers showed willingness to part ways with West for a first round pick but want to keep him now. Still, if he was on the market not long ago, he could probably still be available for the right offer. The Raptors are interested and ready to include Terrence Ross in the deal, according to reports, but it doesn't seem like that's enough for Indiana. West changing teams doesn't seem all that likely but if it does, he will hopefully stay back East, where his mid-range jumpers can't hurt San Antonio.

We will update this post when more information becomes available.