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West tops East in the 2015 NBA All-Star Game

The 2015 NBA All-Star Weekend comes to an end. The West come out on top in this years' All-Star Game, 163-158. Russell Westbrook took home the All-Star MVP honors.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The 64th NBA All-Star Game was.. entertaining. Yeah, let's go with that. Our own Tim Duncan made his 15th All-Star appearance tonight. Coach and former teammate Steve Kerr played him for 15 minutes, and the Spurs fan in me got upset that the 38 year old played that much. Nonetheless, his appearance kept up the San Antonio's impressive "Spurs have only not had an All-Star in two All-Star Games since entering the league" stat.

For the West, both "Splash Brothers" from Golden State, Steph Curry and Klay Thompson started for their own coach Steve Kerr (Thompson replaced the injured Kobe Bryant). Starting alongside them included Marc Gasol, LaMarcus Aldridge, (Aldridge and Gasol replaced injured Blake Griffin and Anthony Davis.. ugh), and James Harden. Apparently the basketball gods didn't like who the fans voted in for the West's starters.

For the East, starters were Kyle Lowry, John Wall, LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, and Pau Gasol. The Atlanta Hawks represented half of the East's bench, with Paul Millsap, Jeff Teague, Al Horford, and Kyle Korver (Korver replaced injured Dwyane Wade). The Hawks became the 8th single team to have four selections to the same All-Star game.

This game is all about entertaining the crowd, and what better place to do this than in the famous Madison Square Garden in New York City. Here are some clips from the night:

Brayden's random thoughts for the game:

Russell Westbrook set an All-Star record scoring 27 points in the first half in less than TWELVE MINUTES. Definition of 0 to 100. And then ended up with 41 (one point away from Wilt's All-Star record), and took home the All-Star MVP award.

Bill Clinton sat next to Dikembe Mutombo courtside and I don't know why but I think that's amazing.

Dirk dunking and pointing to the sky and Duncan smiling from ear-to-ear made my whole week, possibly life.

I need to see a birth certificate before I'm convinced Ariana Grande is 21 years old. Also, not to take away from her singing ability, but can she annunciate a little bit when she sings? I literally couldn't make out a word she said.

Walt Frazier was wearing a cow costume. That's all I have to say about that.

Carmelo wanted to make sure he even made the All-Star game a disappointment for Knicks fans (shot 6/20).

Tim Duncan is now the all time defensive rebound leader in NBA All-Star history. An extremely Tim Duncan-y record to have.

I want to be the third Gasol brother.

This was amazing (turn the sound on):

So, the West come out on top in this one, 163-158.

As fun as the All-Star weekend can be, I think I speak for everyone when I say let's get back to real basketball. The Spurs' season continues this Thursday against the Clippers at 8:30, Spurs time.